CPA marketing is a model of paying for online advertising for a specific action on a website These actions include registering, watching a video, ordering a product, downloading a file, visiting a landing page, installing an application and so on.

The CPA affiliate program has 3 “participants” – CPA network, advertiser, and partner itself. The CPA networks are involved in organizing the relationship between the advertiser and the webmaster/affiliate. And the exclusion from the chain of the “intermediary” can deprive both parties of the guarantee of the fulfilment of the obligations.

Step 1. Choosing a partner platform

Choosing a good affiliate program is a quite crucial step, your income depends on it. Step-by-step instructions to make the right choice of an affiliate program:

  • Choose an affiliate program that meets your requirements.
  • Examine in detail the terms of the partnership. Each affiliate program offers different models of work.
  • If you are satisfied with the offered conditions, register.
  • Next, choose offers, connect to them and start working.

Do not be afraid to register on new sites. This is a great place to start: there will be fewer restrictions on the number of offers and more freedom.

Step 2. Selecting specific offers

It’s not as easy as it sounds. An experienced media buyer can make a gold mine out of an old offer, but a beginner cannot do it. In this case, it is better to choose popular offers that are in high demand among affiliates.

If you are just starting to work with affiliate programs, do not choose the most expensive offers. The higher the payouts, the more difficult it will be to attract traffic. Pay also attention to the indication of restrictions from which sources the traffic is accepted or not.

When choosing an offer, there are the following criteria:

  • Amount or percentage of payment – payments of the affiliate program for the provided traffic.
  • The essence of a lead is a specific client action: registration, SMS confirmation, purchase, postal code entry.
  • Offer geography – which country the traffic comes from.
  • Allowed promotion methods.
  • Available advertising tools – links, banners.

Step 3. Analysis of the target audience

Probably the most important step on this list is a target audience analysis. For the initial work with traffic these steps will be enough: go to the affiliate program, see the breakdown by region, age/gender, try to create a picture in your head.

Step 4. Configuring a traffic source

When working with offers, you need to take into account which types of traffic can be used and which cannot. Indeed, in case of violation of these rules all the money earned can be returned to the advertiser.

Recommended types of traffic include:

  • SEO – search traffic;
  • Banner advertising;
  • PPC;
  • Targeted advertising;
  • Teaser advertising.

Step 5. Popular tools

In every affiliate program, an advertising toolkit is mandatory and it allows the affiliate to attract traffic to the partner’s website. Let’s consider the most popular ones:

  • Affiliate link is available on the description page of the partner’s offer.
  • Banner leads to the partner’s page. As a rule, an affiliate link is already registered in the banner.
  • Teaser is a text link with a picture.
  • Rotator shows alternately banners or teaser blocks from a pre-defined list.
  • Product feed is an upload of selected products in XML or CSV format.

Step 6. Making a profit

The main task of working with affiliate programs is to organize the work so that everything is like a perfected mechanism: you received money and put it to work.

Funds spent – leads – profits – funds spent.

These 6 steps sound very simple. In fact, everything is more complicated. Each stage can be optimized, improved and you can look for additional options for earning.


Working with CPA networks, first of all, guarantees the reliability of payments. This especially relates to beginners who are just taking their first steps in Internet marketing. In fact, the affiliate program takes over organizational issues and provides all necessary tools for work